Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out with the old

We have a new more updated blog!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Date Night(S)

We are so excited that Elle is old enough to start playing with other kids! She is still a little behind in age...but I think she is doing great keeping up with the " big girls". My friend Samantha started a little date night operation, so Nick and I are able to go out 3 Fridays out of the month. At first I didn't know if I would be okay leaving Elle every Friday...but after the 2nd time....MAMA is on board! :) Elle LOVES playing with these girls!

( Elle talking to Helen Ann)
( Walking around Manito Rose Gardens)
( L-R Helen Ann, Elle, Indie and Scarlet)

Girls Night

A few weeks ago I had some girls over. It was really fun. WAY too much yummy food...and Aunt Susie's DELICIOUS punch!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back in Spokane

After a fun summer in Arizona...we are FINALLY back in Spokane! Nick started school Monday and is loving his classes and professors. Elle and I fell right back into the swing of daddy all day...just mommy. I was worried she would get sick of me...but that hasn't happened yet :)
We are busy going to parks, running errands and enjoying the beautiful golf course we live on!
Elle is growing up and maturing so fast. I would say it would be nice if she could slow down...but I would be lying! I love that she is learning new things every single day. It is absolutely fascinating to watch. Here are some Elle updates!

*Elle says all kinds of words now. Her newest and most used is " UP"
* She pretty much understands everything we ask her to do. She knows how to get her own shoes, throw her diaper away, pick up her toys and open and close things when asked. ( this is becoming a favorite of mine)
* This girl can take a FALL! She is banging up her knees pretty good these days...but after she falls...she just gets right back up as if nothing happened. Well....if NICK is around she is all drama...but for the most part, she can take a good fall
* Her last check up was great! She is 30 inches and 20.5 pounds. Healthy girl!
*She eats about anything...just in small bites. She is loving peaches right now.
* She can give regular kisses ( tongue out), Eskimo kisses, and butterfly kisses

That is just a start of all the amazing things she is doing!
I think I am going to start blogging again. It is nice to see a history on here and look back at the years! I will post more pictures as they come!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Nick was able to get an internship!!! He is going to be an intern at the Defense Attorneys Office in......................are you ready for this...............TUCSON.

Nick is really excited about this amazing opportunity. I had a hard time swallowing the idea....knowing I would be giving up 80 degree warm summer days for a 110 blazing hot mess...but things have literally fallen into thing right after the other. It has been amazing to see Heavenly Fathers hand in our life and I truly know that we are supposed to be in Tucson this summer. So we are headed to HOT weather, tan baby bums ( I am really excited about that), getting to celebrate Elle's birthday with loads of family, golfing with the boys ( Larry, Kenny, Ben, John and Scott), amazing sunsets, close to GRANDMA and GRANDPA...both sides, and most importantly we are all 3 able to make this journey together!!!!


I have really been enjoying this month in Spokane! The weather is starting to get really nice...daylight savings was today so we have a longer day in the is great! We took a walk today on our little path. We met Nick at the law school ( the guy needed a break from studying!), and walked to riverfront. I think every time we have been there all we can say is " We can't wait until Elle can feed the ducks!" But then I quickly remind myself how FAST she is growing up and how much I just want her to stay itty bitty! She is learning and growing at a very quick speed! She is standing alone for a few seconds at a time....trying to eat EVERYTHING mommy and daddy do....her favorites are tortollini pasta and tapioca pudding (still ). She has learned how to turn the DVD player on, and is still obsessed with Horton Hears a Who. Nick just got done with spring break...which for the most part he was SICK! Poor guy...he hasn't been that sick since I first found out I was pregnant.
We are loving life right now and feel so blessed everyday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Elle has a little friend named Charles. Charles is a lot of fun and let's Elle play with his boy toys!